Aug 19, 2013

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Jesus heals a leper. 

Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law.

Jesus calms the winds and the sea.

Jesus heals a man with palsy.

Jesus offers rest for the heavy laden.

Jesus has compassion on the two blind men.

Jesus raises the Ruler's daughter from the dead.

Jesus blesses the children.

   Jesus. Such was his ministry; Healing. Calming. Giving. Showing compassion. Teaching. Loving. All through the four gospels, over and over again, we are led through the ministry of Christ. His teachings, his work, his ever-present love for the disciples and the people of the New Testament. He preached to them the gospel, and showed them how they should live. And how we, over 2,000 years later, should live as well. 
     I see so many Christians today who seem to have their own version of Christianity. They go about their lives, working, doing their *own thing*, living life the way they want, instead of the way a true Christian is taught to live. Christ was the living example of how we, His followers should be. We should be a living, breathing example of everything He is. His love, His compassion for others, His calming, giving spirit that always reaches out to others with genuine concern for the them is what we ought to reflect. 
     Some girls, myself included even, seem to have trouble with this concept. As girls, we love to be noticed. To be looked at, and admired. We like to feel beautiful, and many times, we unknowingly focus on impressing others with that outward beauty more than reflecting the beauty of Christ from within. We need to examine ourselves sometimes, and make sure that, while we apply our makeup and choose our clothes for the day, we are not merely attempting to show others our outside beauty, but also doing our best to let the beauty of Christ and all that He is shine through us. In our actions, in our words, and in the way we treat others. I read once, that a pretty girl means nothing if she has an ugly heart. 

Real beauty comes from within. Can others see Christ in you?

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