Aug 21, 2013

I Choose

Matthew 11:14—“And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.”

Jesus is explaining about John the Baptist, and how he was the prophesied Elijah who was to come before Christ. When I read this passage of Scripture, the phrase “if ye will receive it” jumped out at me. We must choose to believe the Bible. 

This seems so simple, but I didn't get it until I read this passage. It is not about how we feel, or what anyone says. We have to receive it, or choose to believe it. John the Baptist was the forerunner to Christ, but the Jews had to believe it before they could recognize Jesus as the Christ. If we choose to believe God's Word, we must choose to believe all of it, and our lives will show that we believe all of it. If we choose to not believe it, we must walk away from all of it. There can be no compromise. 

Jesus almost drew a line in the sand here, and I am doing the same thing. If you believe the Bible is true, you must always believe, for the rest of your life, that all of it is true. If you choose not to believe, you cannot believe any of it. God's Word is either completely true, or completely false. So, I challenge you, do you receive the Bible?

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