Feb 10, 2014


Hey Girls!!!

We are finally settling into a routine over here after several months of  wedding planning craziness! I am so excited to get back to blogging, especially now that my Hubby bought a brand new computer! awesomeness!? I've missed writing and sharing my heart> its definitely something God put in my blood! <3

Look for some awesome new posts, and maaaaaaaybe even a new design. maybe! ;-P


// So February is kind of known as the month of Love... Valentines Day is the biggest thing on the calendar, and companies go absolutely crazy selling candy and red hearts and cards with sweet little glittery sayings all over them!

some of us are single.

others are in a relationship.

and some others (like me ^_^) have a significant other!

to each of us Valentines means something different. to some of us it means going out the day after and buying clearance chocolate... Or maybe it means someone bought us chocolate... or if you're me> it means you get to share chocolate(or rather hide the last 10th of it so I can actually have some... =P).

some of us go all out> we decorate our houses{or bedrooms at least}, wear pink and red and hearts all month, make heart shaped food, draw hearts and X's and O's all over the place, pass out gifts, etc...

and others try to ignore it all while making jokes...

In all the commercialization I think some of us have forgotten what Valentines Day is really about.

Valentine's Day is about LOVE.

but what is love?

we think of googly eyed dating couples, a dozen roses, and chocolate heart candy...

but that's not necessarily love.

So what is love?

1 Corinthians 13 covers all kinds of good stuff about love{CHARITY}, and we're going to explore some of these verses this month, so stay tuned!

kind, gentle, or compassionate treatment 
especially towards someone who is undeserving of it,

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