Feb 8, 2014

How to Keep a Smile on Your Face...

I'm sure everyone has had one.  Those days (or weeks) where nothing seems to go right.  I had one just a few weeks ago.  I'd like to say that, despite the circumstances, I smiled all week.  Unfortunately, in reality, I started out with a pity party... and chocolate.  But, once I had finished my pity party I realized how pathetic I was being. Pouting and crying would do nothing to fix the problems.  So what could I do to "turn my frown upside-down"?
I sat down and started thinking about some things that I like to think on, or do, when I'm having "one of those days".

First of all, grab something you love to enjoy on your trek to happiness!

  Whether it's the female's ever favorite chocolate bar... Or a cup of coffee, tea... whatever suits your fancy!  You don't even necessarily have to go and buy something.  Just find something that snacking on, or sipping, will cheer you up! But, be careful because to much of this will lead to more problems, haha :)

Next, make a list of things that you enjoy... for example, I love the color yellow!! Lol, I mean seriously, look at it!  Doesn't it just look happy?!  It reminds me of sunshine and warm days!

Another thing is music... whether it's listening to it, playing it, singing it, or all three!  Music has been proven to reduce stress and cheer one up!  

 I usually have a playlist on my computer or phone that has some of my favorite songs that I put on when I'm in a bad mood.  It always helps!

 Another way to cheer up is your favorite TV Show or movie.  

Finally, the most important and helpful step, pick up your Bible and spend some time in prayer.  My pastor encouraged me with the story in Matthew about the Two Houses.  One was built on the sand, the other built on the rock.  He pointed out that no matter what your foundation is, storms will come.
"Storms will come no matter what you're built on, will you withstand the storm"
This reminded me that there will always be bad days, troublesome times, but if you're built on The Solid Rock you can make it through the storm.

... The joy of the Lord is your strength
Nehemiah 8:10

My name is Sarah Covey, I grew up in a christian home, and made a profession of faith when I was a little girl.  When I was 13 years old, I went to Northwoods Baptist Camp with a group from our church.  The guest preacher was Bro. Josh Jones from West Virginia. On Wednesday night Bro. Jones preached a powerful message on Hell. The Holy Spirit was convicting me during the invitation, but I put it off. Thursday night, during the invitation, Bro. Jones touched on the topic of Hell again, and the conviction came back.  God was giving me another opportunity.  That night I accepted Jesus as my Saviour.  Currently, I am tutoring and teaching piano lessons.  God has really shown Himself true in my life, especially this past year, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for me in the future.  You can keep up with current "happenings" at my blog: A Daughter of the King. 

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