Oct 11, 2013

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I have a new alltime favorite book. Its called You're Already Amazing, and its by Holley Gerth. Its an amazing book. I have never read a book and gotten so much out of it! The pages are highlighted and scribbled on. Its a book you can only read so much in before taking some time to think and implement what she says. <3 Its good stuff.

Here are 4 posts that will give you just a little taste of the book. like I said> good stuff!

Is the place you live HAPPY?

What if being HAPPY is an act of worship?

Be Happier and Healthier: Train Your Brain

You Can Help Happiness Happen

And our friend Sarah wrote a really thought provoking, but simple post on her blog!

After Gods Own Heart

3 Ways to Listen in any Love Language gave me some more to ponder on this week!

Preparing to Be a Helpmeet is a book that every young lady should read!

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