Oct 23, 2013

Ladies Must Be Ladies

We are all looking for that "special someone." Maybe some of us have one, maybe some of us only want one. Personally, I do not have anyone I am even romantically interested in, let alone dating/courting or considering marriage. However, I have a couple of friends who are planning weddings, and several who have boyfriends that are simply waiting to "pop the question." Wherever you are, this post has the ability to help you if you take it to heart.

We want someone to listen to our problems, and comfort us when we are sad. We want to share our joys with someone, and treat us like we are the queen of Sheba. But we want to be in charge, always be the best. Girls, it doesn't work that way! We are so selfish! We want the best of both worlds, but it doesn't work that way! We don't realize that God's way is always the best!

I attend college in Florida. I am one of the few people here who adore the hot, muggy weather in October, but I am not the only one who enjoys the sweet tea and the gentleman. I especially like the gentlemen who attend my college. Here, Southern hospitality meets Christianity, and the boys treat me like a lady. I like having guys offer to carry the heavy stuff, take out the trash, and hold the door for me. But what am I doing to make it easy for them?

"Chivalry isn't dead, it just followed wherever being lady-like went"

I want them to treat me like a lady, but I must act like a lady to deserve such treatment. Deep down, we all want to be treated like ladies, (Yes, you can roll your eyes, but I was once there, and I had to admit, once the facade was ripped off, that even I wanted them to treat me well.) and yet we do not want to act like ladies. LET THEM DO THINGS FOR YOU!! Wait 30 seconds so he can get the door, but do not demand that he do so. Always, ALWAYS have a smile and a thank-you on your lips. Let him be stronger, and smarter, and right once in a while. Now, if he's obviously wrong, and it's rather important, correct him in the right spirit. You know, if he's preaching that you have to go to church to get saved. Just ask him to read Ephesians 2 for devotions the next day.

Something I've been trying to live by recently is a quote straight from my own mouth--

"A lady is perfectly capable of doing anything; she is also perfectly willing to let the gentleman do it for her."

She has nothing to prove. She does not need to be stronger than the guys, or just as loud, or anything. We are women, created to be his helpmeet. Treasure who God created you to be! As Christians, we need to be feminine. Be proud to be female, and prove it by allowing the men to take care of you. 


  1. That's a great thought, Brianna! So very true and something I need to keep in mind, even when dealing with my brothers!

  2. Wow. I am ashamed to say I just sat down to read this post... All I can say is Wow! I am so amazed at how God is having you all write exactly what I need to hear! <3

    Love you lots and miss you so much it hurts!

    <3 Hannah

    1. I love you too! I can hardly believe it's been almost two years since we've seen each other!


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