Apr 3, 2014

1:2-3 joy//tribulations, trials, temptations


How often do we grumble and complain when we face trials + tribulations + temptations?

How often do we push through them with a discontented heart?

How often do we miss what we are supposed to be learning because we don’t want to be where we are?

Trying  times grow us! temptations are tests, and though hard at first, resistance becomes easier with God’s help as time goes by!

I challenge you to look at your trials and troubles joyfully. Look for whatever God wants you to learn, and try hard to learn it well and right!

Count the joys in your trials!

It’s very likely that something will happen to try you as soon as you get up from reading this little devotion… You’ll get out the door late- your hair or make up won’t cooperate- a baby will scream incessantly- you’ll hit every single red light.

count the joys- maybe you avoided an accident- the real raw you is every bit as beautiful, probably even more so, because God made you that way- the baby is actually alive- you have a few extra minutes to take a deep breath, relax and pray!

stop. take a deep breath. start counting.

*If you are counting your joys today, share with us by using #countingmyjoys!

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