Jul 13, 2013

whatsoever is lovely// CONCLUSION + giveaway + giveaway winners

If you havent been following our series, then START HERE with the INTRO!

Are your thoughts TRUE? Are they based on what is real and factual? And be sure to go and enter our giveaway if you havent already! :) Brianna brought out some really interesting thoughts on how our thoughts should be HONEST and JUST! Staying PURE is so important, but sometimes I think we let ourselves get a little deceived, we think that we can get away with impure thoughts, but thats not true! Have you ever thought about your thoughts being ugly or LOVELY? Hannah S. had some really good thoughts on how a GOOD REPORT is our testimony! Mrs. Stahl had a lovely post reminding us to work on our VIRTUOUS character! And Mrs. Crane wrapped up our week with some awesome thoughts on what is PRAISEWORTHY!

I am so excited at how the LORD is using this blog! Its funny, because even though I started it to reach out to other people, the Lord has been using it to bless me too! It has been such a blessing to get to know each of the ladies that are writing, and read their thoughts and see what they come up with! 

I hope the Lord is using this blog to be a blessing to you too! I would like to encourage you all to share this with your friends and family> spread the Word so that God can use it and you! We need to try to make an impact on those around us!!!!

We have finished our first series on our theme verse up there^^^^^^^, so now we will be moving on to some other fun stuff this week! 


Our givewaway winners are.....

whatsoever is true>> Sarah Covey
meet our authors>> Hope King

Please email us at allthingslovelyphil4.8@gmail.com with your mailing address!!!!

***If you do not respond within 24 hours we will redraw a winner!

We have another giveaway today! >>>Did you know that every 10 followers we get, or every 10 likes on facebook we will do a giveaway???? Thats pretty cool, so spread the word! :)

We have 9 different ways that you can enter!!!!

1. Leave a comment telling us what your favorite topic of the week was!!! <true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous or praiseworthy> {Required!}
2. Follow our blog!
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  1. Thank you ladies for all the different posts!
    1) My favorite post was probably Whatsoever is True
    2) I follow your blog :)
    5) I follow your pinterest board!
    Have a great week, and keep up the encouraging blog!

  2. my fav. was the post on whatsoever is lovely.


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